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Welcome to our site! We are your getaway guide to planning a fabulously fun time on your next beach vacation! Sun, sand and refreshing waves - who hasn't dreamed of going on a beach vacation, especially if one lives in a northerly climate? It feels great to getaway from winter's ice and snow and bask in the full heat of the warm, energizing sunshine.

But all-star vacations do require some time and planning, and that's where our site can be a help to you in this planning phase of your next trip.

Beach SceneryMany people think of typical vacation hot-spots when contemplating time at the beach, but in reality, there are dozens of beautiful beaches in the USA and no doubt within driving distance of your home. So don't keep imagining that you have to go far from your house to have a great time. And you don't have to spend a fortune either!

And in reality, beach vacations are fun any time of year, either on saltwater or freshwater beaches. In the summer, much quality time can be spent at the family cottage or campsite by many of the gorgeous freshwater lakes that we are blessed with in North America. This counts as beach-time in my book too!

If you are planning on taking a beach vacation this year, please cruise through our pages of helpful advice on where to visit, how to save money and tips to make your beach vacations safe and enjoyable. The navigation is found to your left, where we have a complete listing of all the pages on our site.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send them along so we can help you or improve our site.

Happy Beach Vacations to all!

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