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Baby's First Beach Trip

The picture of a chubby-cheeked baby wearing nothing but a swim diaper and an oversize pair of sunglasses to the beach is known as a “photo-op”. In reality, a baby’s first trip to the beach will require quite a few more things besides swim diapers and cool, although quite large, “shades”.

The well-prepared baby (or the parents, rather) will have a fully-stocked beach or diaper bag that includes, above anything else, a sunscreen product that is designed specifically for infants and small children. Said product will be applied liberally and often, if parents do not want to have a sun burnt, sick, child on their hands for the rest of the trip.

Baby powder is another must-have item. Baby powder will actually prevent sand from sticking to baby’s skin, something which could be irritating. Further, baby powder provides a cooling sensation to heated, sweaty skin.

Beach BabyWater should be in abundant supply, and in containers that the child can drink from easily. It should be offered frequently, as dehydration can be a serious threat, especially in very small children. Parents should remain vigilant for signs of both dehydration and over-exposure to heat, and take any necessary precautions.

For this reason, renting a cabana or shelter, rather than just a beach umbrella and chairs, may be a wise investment. The baby will have a shaded, hopefully cool, place in which to nap. If a playpen or portable baby bed can also be obtained, so much the better. This will keep the sand out of the playpen that is being used in the hotel room.

Hopefully, grandparents will be willing and eager to share in baby’s first beach experience. This will not provide them with much joy and sweet memories, but they will almost certainly be glad to lend a helping hand when needed, thus making the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

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