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Absolute Necessities for a Beach Trip

Sunscreen, and lots of it. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that sunscreen be the first item purchased and packed for a beach vacation, and the first thing to go on BEFORE the swimsuits and cover-ups.

While the beach will provide more than enough entertainment for any child, there still may come a time when visiting the beach just isn’t possible. It may be raining, or for some reason or another, the beach is not accessible on a certain day (unfortunately, that does happen), or it may be simply that the child has had “too much of a good thing” and needs a break in order to keep from becoming ill.

Boy at BeachThis is the time to bring out the toys and games that someone remembered to pack. Nothing beats sitting on the bed or around the table in the cool, comfortable motel room playing cards or a board game.

Parents of older children, who do not have to be watched every minute, or those vacationers who are there without children, will certainly want to bring along some reading material. The ocean view is breath-taking, but nothing says “beach trip” like a good book. Some people would say “the trashier, the better”, but everyone has his or her own preference.

Cameras, whether disposable, digital, video-capable, or whatever are an indispensable part of a beach trip. There will be only one first time that the baby dips his or her toes in the water, or an older child meets that special friend with whom he or she bonded for the entire trip. Years from now, the now-grown child may not even be able to recall the friend’s name, but the memories will have been captured forever.

Remember to protect cameras and other electronic equipment from sand and water. It does no good to record memories if they are lost due to an equipment malfunction that could have been avoided.

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