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Beautiful Bermuda

Although it is considered a country, Bermuda actually consists of 180 individual islands. The string of islands forming this tropical paradise is located approximately 675 miles to the east of the state of North Carolina.

Bermuda’s climate is almost always warm, and what rainfall there is is usually not very heavy. For this reason, there is no shortage of outdoor sports and recreation opportunities.

Scuba diving is a particularly popular sport, because the waters off of Bermuda’s coastline contain many shipwrecks. These are always fascinating to explore, as one never knows what one may find in one of these. Of course, anything that is found must be turned over to the proper authorities, but at least the adventure of the discovery was there.

Bermuda beachesThe island of Bermuda is also home to the world’s oldest Anglican Church. This is but one example of Bermuda’s many and varied cultures.

Bermuda offers a wide range of accommodations and lodging options. Some may be as contemporary as the most modern resort property available, or as old-fashioned as the guest houses and cottages that are designed to offer as truly an example of Old Bermuda as can possibly be done.

No one, however, should have any problem finding the right accommodations for the type of experience they wish to have. If a search of the Internet does not provide ample information, one has only to pick up the phone, and call any reputable travel agency. The employees there will be more than happy to help someone plan their Bermuda vacation, right down to the last little detail.

Like a lot of island countries, however, Bermuda has had its share of political and civil unrest. One only needs to keep informed about any news that may concern Bermuda, so that plans can be altered, canceled, or postponed, as needed.

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