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Disaster-Free Beach Vacations

The family beach vacation is meant to be unforgettable, but NOT because of the emergency room visit or because Junior had to wear the same outfit the entire time! So, with that in mind, here a few tips for a (hopefully) disaster-free vacation.

Buy sunscreen BEFORE you leave for the beach, and USE IT once you get to the beach. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a painful sunburn.

Just because the ocean is there does not mean that one must go into it. Waves and ocean currents make for a very different swimming experience, and if a person is already a little uncertain of his or her swimming ability, this may pose a problem.

Beach SceneCool, constant ocean breezes can lull one into a false sense of security. Before anyone is aware, the threat of dehydration has become very real. For this reason, beach goers should make sure they have abundant access to liquids, especially water.

Junior may have announced that once he is in his bathing suit he has no intention of removing it for any reason; however, it will be advisable to make sure that he, along with everyone else, does pack clothing other than swim wear This will prevent any problems that may be caused from not having enough clothes to wear.

Shark attacks are rare, but they can occur. Remember, the ocean is the shark’s home, not the human’s home. One should be aware of one’s surroundings when in the ocean and prepare to get out immediately should a shark sighting occur.

One usually would not walk in or near a deserted area or place where there fare few people as a general rule, so why should this be OK on the beach? The beach is beautiful at night, but unfortunately, crime can occur there, also. Bring your common sense along on vacation.

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