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How to Ruin a Beach Vacation in 3 Easy Steps

#1. Underestimate the sun’s power at the beach. Sand and water both make the sun’s reflection more intense. No matter how much one THINKS he or she can “stand the sun”, it is going to be different at the beach, especially a tropical one.

So, if one just simply WANTS to ruin one’s beach vacation, merely going out into the sun without adequate protection from both the burning rays and the heat should just about guarantee a scorching sunburn.

On the other hand, should one decide that he or she does NOT want to spend the rest of the vacation in intense pain from a sunburn, or recovering from heat-related illnesses or dehydration, what can be done? It’s very simple: PDAD.

Beach ScenePut on a shirt to protect very fair skin from the sun. Don a hat to protect one’s eyes and to provide a little shade. Apply plenty of sunscreen, even if wearing clothing to block the sun. Last but not least, DRINK lots of liquids, but let the majority of what is drunk be water.

#2. Get stung by a jellyfish. Now, granted, there is probably no way this can DELIBERATELY happen, unless one ignores any warnings from signs or lifeguards that jellyfish are numerous in the water, and there have been reports of stings. Should this accidentally occur, however, the first and most important thing is to get out of the water as quickly as possible.

Jellyfish stings are VERY painful, and can sometimes cause a swimmer to panic or even be unable to think clearly. Therefore, getting out of the water immediately will prevent any further danger.

Some people may also suffer severe allergic reactions to the venom in the jellyfish tentacles. Anaphalactic shock may occur, requiring prompt medical treatment.

#3. Invite a shark to dinner, with you as the main course. Seriously, this is no laughing matter. If a shark is encountered, or there have been reported sightings of sharks from lifeguards or other swimmers, STAY OUT OF THE WATER!

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