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A Beach Vacation for the Ecology-Minded

If you enjoy visiting beaches where every effort is being made to ensure that humans and animals, especially those that are threatened or endangered, co-exist, then Cocoa Beach, FL is your beach vacation destination. The area in and around Cocoa Beach is home to approximately 50 or more animal species for whom time could one day very well run out. However, as long as there as cities such as Cocoa Beach, which really cares about the environment and nature, that day may not come as soon.

Because Cocoa Beach strives to remain as “green” as possible, there is very little pollution. At night, one can go out on the beach and see more stars than could ever be imagined. It has been said that this is one of the best spots for seeing the Milky Way in all its splendor.

Cocoa BeachBesides priding itself on its attention to nature, Cocoa Beach also has the distinction of being in a prime location. It only takes one hour to reach Cocoa Beach from Orlando, making it a great day-trip destination for a family who has had just about all of the “Mouse” they can stand, or who feel like they just haven’t been to Florida until they’ve been to the beach.

Cocoa Beach also has the tremendous advantage in that Port Canaveral—which is the fastest-growing one in Florida—is just minutes down the road. Many cruise lines call Port Canaveral home berth. Disney Cruise and Royal Caribbean are just two of the cruise lines utilizing this location.

Those people who will be sailing from Port Canaveral can opt to stay in Cocoa Beach both before departing and after returning from their cruise. This allows for a smoother, more relaxed vacation, as it is not necessary for cruise passengers to drive for hours in order to meet their ship.

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