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Beaches Along the Eastern Seaboard

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There are beaches in states along the Eastern Seaboard other than Florida.

Georgia is home to four very popular beach vacation destinations: St. Simon’s Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simon’s Island, and Jekyll Island. The first three beaches will appeal to the nature lover; Jekyll Island is considered more of a “tourist” beach. Still, each beach will have something to capture everyone’s attention.

The New England states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts have their own famous beaches. Hampton Beach in New Hampshire provides 80 nights of concerts that are free of charge. Fireworks are also a weekly occurrence on this beach.

Myrtle BeachMassachusetts is home to the famous Cape Cod beach. This beach prides itself on maintaining a more laid-back, low-key atmosphere, which is perfect for those who desire a more quieter vacation spot.

Just one state up from Georgia is South Carolina. It, too, has several beach areas—the most popular being Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach is actually divided into North Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand. North Myrtle Beach caters to vacationing families, and indeed strives to maintain its “family-friendly” reputation, while Grand Strand is a little more “upbeat”, shall we say.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina have a rich history and heritage. Settlers on the Outer Banks mysteriously vanished in the 1500s. Their disappearance has led the legend of the “Lost Colony”. The harsh but beautiful coastline is also home to a number of lighthouses—seven to be exact. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse, standing a lofty 208 feet high, is the tallest lighthouse in America.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, is home to a beautiful beach area that is a favorite beach vacation destination for those in Virginia and neighboring states. Families can breathe easier when they visit Virginia Beach, as there are lifeguards on duty from the middle of May until the middle of September.

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