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Vacationing “on the cheap”

A good vacation, no matter what the destination, does not have to totally deplete one’s savings account in order to be enjoyable. There are several destinations, some with a beach, some without, that provide an affordable yet fun vacation.

South Padre Island, Texas prides itself on being a vacation getaway where one can truly relax. Attractions and amusements are available, if one wishes to visit them, but it is perfectly all right for a vacation to consist of a few days spent lounging by the pool or in one’s room or wherever.

Myrtle beachMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, especially North Myrtle Beach has a reputation for being family-friendly that the City is bent and determined will not be spoiled. Everything from shopping to water sports to enjoying the 60 miles of beach area is geared toward the family. Those seeking a little more action will want to go to Grand Strand.

Daytona Beach, Florida, is one of the few beaches that will allow vehicles to be driven right onto the sand and then up and down the beach itself. The speed limit is 25 MPH, but the thrill of actually driving on a beach in a car should be enough to make anyone want to go slow.

While it has, unfortunately, gained a reputation as a popular “Spring Break” spot, Daytona Beach is still a good destination for a family vacation. It also has the distinction of being located only an hour or so away from Orlando, making it a easy day trip.

And, of course, there is the famous Daytona National Speedway, where the NASCAR season begins in February. The Fourth of July then brings the adrenaline-pounding Firecracker 500 at the same venue.

While not a beach destination, Memphis, Tennessee is still a very good place to go for a fun and affordable vacation. Known as the “Birthplace of the Blues”, Memphis is considered by many to be the true music capital of the United States. Country music fans come by the thousands to listen to their favorite artists.

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