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Beaches Of The Los Angeles Area

While the Los Angeles area is famous for a number of attractions, some of the most overlooked places to visit in the region are the sites that first attracted people to Southern California, the beaches. Southern California is known for its long sandy beaches, extremely hospitible weather and of course the people that head outdoors to enjoy both of those. The commercial development in the Los Angeles area keeps coming up with new attractions to compete with the natural attractions of the great outdoors. Despite this, the beaches of the Los Angeles area are still deserving of their place as a popular destination for both locals and visitors from outside the region. There are a number of beaches in the area to choose from, here are some of the more popular ones.

Dockweiler Beach

One of the more unique beaches in the Los Angeles area, Dockweiler Beach is a state beach and falls under the protection of the state park system. Dockweiler Beach is located near Los Angeles International Airport and borders against El Segundo. The beach has wonderful swimming areas and is popular with both locals and those from outside the region. The most unique feature of Dockweiler Beach is that it one of the very few beaches in the Los Angeles area that allows both bonfires and campfires. This makes it a fabulous location for picnicking and outdoor barbecues.

El Matador Beach

El Matador Beach is one of the hidden treasures in the Los Angeles area, as hidden as any coastal attraction can be in Southern California. One of the few beaches in the area with sea caves and large rock formations to explore, El Matador Beach is also a popular destination for photographers. It is known as one of the more uniquely beautiful beaches in the area and is very popular with residents of the area. The beach is located at the base of a cliff, so it is a little bit of a climb down to the sand. The fact that it is a little harder to access does make for it being a little less crowded. As opposed to most beaches in the Los Angeles area, there are no surrounding businesses or restaurants, so visitors should remember to pack their own meals and refreshments if planning an extended stay. El Matador Beach has earned a reputation as a popular destination for both body boarders and body surfers.

Manhattan Beach

The beaches in the Manhattan Beach area are known for their long sandy stretches and for the fact that they can be accessed from a large number of points. The Manhattan Beach Pier is a popular location for sightseers to come and view the local scenery. The beach is popular with locals and is a great place for playing in the surf and relaxing on the sand. Manhattan Beach is widely known as one of the better surfing areas in the region.

Paradise Cove

Located in Malibu, Paradise Cove is familiar looking to many fans of both television and movies. Many of the 1960s beach movies were filmed at Paradise Cove and even to this day it continues to be a popular filming location. Paradise Cove is a private beach and there is a charge to park at and access the beach area. There is a restaurant and a pier located on the beach and it is not uncommon to find a wide variety of celebrities in the area from time to time. The beach and the surrounding area are beautiful and are popular with photographers and sightseers alike.

Redondo Beach

Visitors to Redondo Beach can enjoy walking along The Strand, a paved path that leads walkers and bikers along the entire length of the beach area, and viewing beautiful scenery and interesting people. One of the highlights of the area is the Municipal Pier, sometimes called the Redondo Beach Pier, which is home to a number of eating establishments and shops. Fans of the Fox Television series "The O.C." will recognize the Redondo Beach Pier as it was one of the main filming locations. Surfing is popular in the Redondo Beach area and has played a large role in the history of the beach.

Santa Monica Beach

The city of Santa Monica operates Santa Monica Beach which is another of the state beaches protected by the state of California. There are a number of activities that can be participated in by locals and visitors alike including volleyball, basketball, running, walking, biking, beach workouts, and a chess playing area. The two mile long beach has a number of areas that are great for picnicking and play in the sand. There are also a good selection of shops and eating establishments in the vicinity of the beach that cater to those that frequent the area.

Venice Beach

Possibly the most famous beach in the Los Angeles area, Venice Beach is almost known more for the street performers, street vendors and other attractions than it is for the actual beach that resides there. Muscle Beach is an area of Venice Beach that has been home to famous bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts alike. While it is known as a great place for surfing, swimming and sunbathing, Venice Beach is also known as possibly the best people watching location in all of Southern California.

Zuma Beach

Another of California's protected state beaches, Zuma Beach has a well earned reputation as one of the cleanest beaches in the Los Angeles area. The beach is located in Malibu and is very popular with local beach goers. Zuma Beach is also famous for the high quality of surfing that takes place there and there are some areas of water where swimming is discouraged due to strong rip currents. There are a number of activities other than surfing that are popular at the beach as well including swimming, fishing, windsurfing, bodysurfing, diving, volleyball, walking, biking and more. Film enthusiasts will recognize Zuma Beach from the numerous television shows, movies and commercials that are filmed there.

Southern California is known for a number of attractions that draw in millions of visitors every year. Some of the most popular features in the area though are the numerous beaches and beachside attractions that can be found in the region. While it is sometimes hard for the beaches in the Los Angeles area to compete with other tourist attractions like Hollywood and Beverly Hills related sites and of course the world famous amusement parks in the area, they should definitely not be overlooked by visitors looking for a great time during their Southern California vacation.

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