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Making Beach Memories, Literally!

Once all the shells, starfish, sand dollars, pretty rocks and stones, and other items have been collected, sorted, and cleaned, wouldn’t it be nice to have a unique way of displaying them?

The answer may just lie in one or all of the crafts described below. All of them are simple and inexpensive to make.

A piece of thick cardboard or good piece of wood, cut or formed into a circle, is the base for a Beach Treasure Wreath. Once the initial wreath shape has been made, all that is needed is some sand, some glue, an old paintbrush, and the collected items.

Shell at the beachThe entire surface of the wreath should be covered with glue. The sand is then sprinkled onto the glue until the base is completely covered. Then, all that remains is to glue the treasures on to the sand, let everything dry, and the first craft is complete.

Everyone has seen or owned at one time a bottle of colored sand. Now, children can make their own any time they wish.

Sand is placed in a bowl, and enough water is added to cover all the sand. Next, food coloring is added to the sand/water mixture. It will take quite a bit of food coloring, as sand is very absorbent. The mixture is stirred well, then set aside while the color is absorbed into the sand. The excess water is drained, the sand is spread on paper plates or paper towels to dry completely, then stored in containers. It’s available any time children want to get creative.

These are but a few of the crafts that children can make using their beach treasures and souvenirs. The crafts can be displayed in their rooms so that every time they see them, they will remember the fun time that was had at the family beach vacation.

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