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Saving Money During A Beach Vacation

No one likes the idea of having to think about a budget while on vacation. However, if the entire trip consists of worrying about the possibility of running out of money, then no one is going to have any fun. For this reason, a budget is a very good idea.

Since the majority of the vacation budget will go toward lodging, knowing in advance approximately how much money will need to be set aside for the hotel or motel bill will be a tremendous help. When making reservations, one might want to go ahead and ask exactly how much the room rate, INCLUDING TAXES, will be for the entire stay and plan accordingly, allowing for a few incidental expenses, of course.

Beach SceneIf accommodations include a kitchen area, or even an in-room microwave and refrigerator, money can be saved on food. Food can be purchased in advance, as even grocery stores in and near beach areas may have higher prices, and brought to the vacation destination for breakfast and lunch, then stored in the room. There will then be money for eating dinner out.

Consider purchasing and bringing any beach umbrellas, chairs, and other items, rather than renting those that are offered. It may require the whole family pitching in to carry the articles back and forth, but it will be cheaper in the long run.

With gas prices at an all-time high, it may be surprising to find that it may be cheaper to fly, especially if driving time is more than 6-8 hours, or the family car does not get the best gas mileage. Booking flights as soon as possible BEFORE peak travel season may result in substantial savings on airfare. Take the time to do a little math, calculate approximately how much fuel cost to and from a beach destination will be, then compare with airline fares.

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