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Where to Stay in Montego Bay


There is definitely no shortage of resort and hotel properties available in Montego Bay, Jamaica. One only has to do a little research to find what best suits their needs, desires, and budget.

Sandals Montego Bay resort offers the greatest amount of private beach to be had in Jamaica. It also has five dining areas, four pools, and four whirlpools on the resort property. This couples-only resort is exclusive; no “outsiders” allowed.

The Ritz-Carleton Hotel also goes by fascinating and slightly spooky name of the “White Witch’s Rose Hotel”. It has its own legend concerning a woman who was not only treated her slaves cruelly but was accused of killing three husbands. Supposedly, her ghost haunts the bar that is located in what was once the dungeon of the original sugar plantation. In keeping with the “spirit” of the establishment (no pun intended), a special drink known as the “witch’s brew” is served there.

Montego BayThe Tryall Club is best known for the golf course that has earned the title of “Best World-Wide Course” several times in years past. This resort is located 12 miles west of Montego Bay, and offers lavish villas as well as its many golf amenities.

The Holiday Inn chain of motels has a resort, the SunSpree Hotel Resort. The resort is, unfortunately, not considered very pretty as compared to other hotels, and has also received some other negative comments; however, it’s courteous staff, special programs and accommodations for children, and fine entertainment options make it a choice to possibly be considered, especially by a family.

Fifteen minutes east of Montego Bay is the Coyaba Resort. This small resort has only 50 rooms and occupies only about four acres. For all it’s smallness, however, there are three beaches that are considered private property of the resort.

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