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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is definitely a “go-to” beach destination. And, no wonder. Myrtle Beach has 60 miles of some of the prettiest beaches on the Eastern Seaboard. One should have no problem finding a place to stay on or near any of the beautiful beaches.

North Myrtle Beach prides itself on offering “family-friendly” accommodations and beaches, while the beaches along the Grand Strand a little further to the south offer a little more “spice” for those who are seeking that sort of fun.

Myrtle beachMany attractions, the majority of which are designed to maintain the “family-friendly” reputation that is so important to Myrtle Beach, especially the North Myrtle Beach area, provide a refreshing break from the beach (should one actually be needed). The vast number of mini-golf establishments, each with their own unique theme, can provide countless hours of fun for the kids. This is a perfect way to wind down after a day of sun, sand, and sea.

One mini-golf attraction offers “Mystery” golf. Not only does one play a stimulating game of miniature golf, but there is no telling what may be happening around the corner or on the next green.

Hungry? Well, Myrtle Beach offers 1,800 restaurants to choose from. Everybody will find at least one place that all can agree on.

Restaurants closer to the beach areas may be more expensive, while those that located a short distance away may be more economical. With all the selections, however, there should be no problem finding a place to suit any budget.

The shops at Barefoot Landing on Myrtle Beach are a shopaholic’s dream. Over 100 specialty stores offer a unique and new shopping experience. But, don’t worry. Dress Barn, Waldenbooks, and Van Heusen stores, along with other “traditional” stores are also at Barefoot Landing.

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