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Beaches in Ocean City, Maryland

There are a number of different possibilities that someone can choose if they are going to plan a vacation or extended weekend away from home. While some envision the perfect vacation being a trip to a major metropolitan city, others may see a camping trip to a remote location as the perfect vacation. There are many people though that when they think of a vacation, they only think of one thing; a trip to the beach. One of the best beaches to venture out to, especially for anyone on the East Coast, is located on the coastal region of Maryland at a place called Ocean City.

Ocean City, Maryland has been a popular beach vacation destination for a number of years and it is very obvious why after just one visit. The location is a hit with individuals and families alike, and is also a popular destination for students on spring break. The area has a long and colorful history, having been first developed into a beach destination during the late-1860s. Ocean City really sprang to life after the completion of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in the mid-1960s.

The main section of Ocean City is more than nine miles long and features a number of interesting and fun attractions that have the ability to entertain a great many visitors regardless of their ages or interests. The highlight of the area is near the southern end of Ocean City. It is here where travelers to the area can find the famous Ocean City Boardwalk. On the boardwalk, visitors can find a number of specialty businesses that they will only encounter here in this resort community. Everything from salt water taffy makers to specialty eateries and more can be found while strolling down Ocean City's Boardwalk. Two of the most popular attractions along the boardwalk come in the form of amusement parks. Trimpers Rides and Jolly Roger at The Pier both cater to both kids and adults with fun amusement park rides as well as carnival games and foods. There are a number of newer hotels and condominiums that have recently been built around the boardwalk area, and they serve as a great place to stay while enjoying Ocean City.

There is more to Ocean City than just the boardwalk area though as a number of quality retail businesses, hotels and other attractions can be found throughout the area. Horse racing is available, in season, at Bally's at Ocean Downs. During the offseason, the track offers simulcast racing from other facilities. Skydiving and chartered helicopter rides are also available for anyone wishing to enjoy Ocean City from far above. Miniature Golf is available at a number of different places in the area and enthusiasts often enjoy designing their own golfing tour and golfing at several, if not all of the miniature golf courses. There is a waterpark available for kids of all ages, and even adults to enjoy, especially on those hot days when an escape from the sun is needed. There are also quite a few arcades in the area that feature everything from modern and classic video games to participatory activities like go karts and bumper boats. With the boardwalk, other paths and trails, as well as the streets of Ocean City, it is also the perfect place for those that like to enjoy bike riding, skating or even just walking.

For those visitors that come to town and have an affinity towards fishing, they will be more than pleased with the extensive fishing opportunities at Ocean City. Called the White Marlin Capital of the World, Ocean City has an extensive fishing presence on both the recreational and commercial fronts. For those that love fishing and have never had the enjoyment of doing so on the open ocean, a chartered fishing trip will be just the thing to make their visit to Ocean City one of the most memorable trips they have ever taken. Fishermen can also participate in fishing the waters of Ocean City from various public fishing piers in the area. There are even prizes awarded for the largest fish caught during a season for several different species of fish. For those that love the water but do not fish, there are also a number of sightseeing cruises and tour packages and companies available as well.

While all these things are popular and fun activities, many visitors come to Ocean City to enjoy something else entirely, the beaches. Ocean City has been blessed with long expansive beaches that are perfect for sun bathing, playing in the surf, participating in a number of outdoor activities, exploring the coastline and more. The nice thing about the beaches in the area is that there are enough wide open spaces that it is not impossible for those seeking a more secluded or romantic time to find an area of beach all to themselves.

While there are a number of places around the country that vacationers can head to if they want to get away or escape their normal every day life, there are few that can equal the number of things to do and fun that can be had by taking a visit to Maryland's popular Ocean City. From recreational activities, to fun amusement park type things to do, and of course just the peace and quiet of a beautiful ocean beach, Ocean City has more than enough to entertain any traveler. Anyone who chooses to spend some of their valuable time away from home or work at Ocean City is truly lucky indeed.

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