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Vacationing in Puerto Rico

The beautiful tropical island of Puerto Rico offers so many attractions and opportunities for entertainment that one hardly knows where to begin. Hopefully, these few “must-see” attractions will help narrow down the choices.

Viejo San Juan, also known as Old San Juan, must be visited if one wishes to truly experience the past culture of Puerto Rico. This is achieved by visiting a castle known as El Murro, which boasts 6 different levels, as well as touring San Cristobal Fort, whose purpose for being built was to protect Puerto Rico from land invasions several hundred years previously. The Museo de Arte e Historia (Museum of Art and History) displays some of the finest examples of Puerto Rico’s art and historical pieces.

Playa LuquilloForty-five minutes away from San Juan is Playa Luquillo Beach. Dancing in rhythm with the swaying palm trees is permitted and indeed encouraged.

Hungry after all that dancing? Route 3 boasts 60 kiosks, each with their own number and different types of food and drink.

All that dancing and eating has put only thought in mind—where to lay a weary head. No problems, just check in at Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn, located just across the street from the beach.

Puerto Rico has something that is becoming increasingly rare—a lush, dense, tropical rain forest. El Yunque is located on the eastern side of the Luquillo Mountains. Venturing “off the beaten path” is allowed; however, if one remains on the “right road”, the reward will be a swim in a pool of water that is shallow for the most part. Oh, and it’s also located just beneath a spectacular waterfall.

No vacation to Puerto Rico is complete without a trip to Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo. Here, the water literally sparkles, but only at night, due to the presence of bioluminescence organism which literally have their own light source. This is truly a breathtaking sight.

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