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Beaches Of South Carolina

One of the best regions to head to for a beach vacation on the Atlantic Coast is the South Carolina area. The strength of South Carolina, in terms of offering beach vacation possibilities, is in its diversity. South Carolina offers well developed areas with a great many attractions and accommodations designed to attract visitors interested in having a very socially gratifying vacation on the coast. It also has a number of lower key destinations that are served well with bed and breakfasts and exclusive communities and condominiums. South Carolina goes beyond that though as it also has a number of natural wildlife and recreation areas that are popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Though overlooked by most travelers, a trip to the coast of South Carolina allows vacationers a great chance to experience the truly unique communities and attractions that are only available there.

Myrtle Beach

At one time Myrtle Beach was a little known getaway for area laborers, but those days are long gone. Myrtle Beach is now one of the more popular vacation destinations on the southern Atlantic Coast. There are a number of great shopping opportunities including the largest shopping mall in South Carolina, the Coastal Grand Mall. There are many amusement parks both in and around the city of Myrtle Beach and the area is a great place for families as it features many other attractions including an IMAX theater, an aquarium, and a number of fine restaurants and shops. Myrtle Beach State Park is also a popular destination offering camping, beach activities and fishing opportunities.

Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park is not very well known to tourists coming to South Carolina, but it is treasured as a great place for outdoor recreation by locals who known the area well. Bird watching is another popular activity in this area and with good reason, as there are a number of different ocean birds that call this region home. The jetty is a popular location for those watching birds as well as those hunting the tidal areas for treasures from the sea. The beach at Huntington Beach State Park is one of the best beaches in South Carolina that no one knows about. Atalaya Castle is located within the park and is the former residence of the Huntington family that once owned the land that makes up the current park before donating it to the state of South Carolina.

Fripp Island

Just east of Beaufort, South Carolina sits Fripp Island, a resort island that attracts many travelers all year long. Fripp Island is connected by bridge to Hunting Island State Park and is the coastal island of South Carolina that is furthest out to sea. The island sports a number of golf courses and the destination accommodation is the Fripp Island Resort. There are a number of other activities available in a wide variety of locations on the island including tennis, boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing and more. There is also a waterpark that is very popular with children and teens. Many of the people that frequent Fripp Island are looking for the same things that can be found in the more famous Hilton Head area, but they don't want to deal with the crowds and the over-development. Fripp Island is the perfect place for many families, couples and individuals.

The Charleston Area

Another popular destination to travel to in South Carolina is the Charleston area, and with good reason. Charleston offers a great deal to those that frequent it, everything from historical sites and cultural activities to shopping and an exciting nightlife. The city is filled with more than eight hundred buildings built in both the 18th and 19th centuries as well as a number of monuments, landmarks and museums. There are also a number of plantations around the outskirts of Charleston, many of which are open for viewing by the public. Charleston residents are lucky in that they get to take advantage of the nearby islands and beach areas on a regular basis, but visitors to the area will enjoy them on a short term basis as well. There are a number of wonderful oceanfront beach areas including Bulls Island, Wild Dunes, Edisto Island Kiawah island, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, and Seabrook Island. There is an almost unlimited list of things to do at these locations, as they cater to a wide variety of vacationers. From those that are interested in outdoor recreation, to those that want to be pampered in more of a resort setting, absolutely everyone can find a location or attraction in or around Charleston that is absolutely perfect for them.

Hilton Head

One of the most travelled to destinations in all of South Carolina is the beautiful and ritzy Hilton Head Island area. Hilton Head Island features some of the best five start accommodations and restaurants available in the region and is more than capable of delivering a first class vacation to anyone who heads its way. Many people don't know it, but Hilton Head Island is the largest sea island between the states of Florida and New Jersey. Hilton Head Island is known as a golfer's paradise thanks to the more than 25 golf courses on the island. Shopping is also a popular pursuit by those that frequent the island and many hard to find items, brands and designer names can be found in the shops that cater to travelers to the area. From the urban interests like shopping, dining and clubbing to the more nature related interests like swimming, hiking, beach combing, and other outdoor recreation, Hilton Head Island has something for absolutely everyone.

No matter what interests a traveler may have, they can find something to satisfy their vacation needs by taking a trip to the coast of South Carolina. Whether someone is looking for the quite and upscale type of vacation that Hilton Head provides, the sometimes wild and exciting times that people traveling to Myrtle Beach are seeking, or if they are looking for more of a chance to experience the natural surroundings of the Atlantic Coast, the beaches and coastal communities of South Carolina are one of the best places to head to. The area simply has something for everyone and has the ability to satisfy even the pickiest of travelers.

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