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Southern California's Venice Beach

The most popular attractions in the Los Angeles areas are centered around the entertainment and amusement industries. Disneyland and all of the other amusement parks in the area attract the most visitors and many people allso travel to the region to visit many of the motion picture and television attractions. But, no trip to Los Angeles is complete without a visit to Venice Beach. Anyone looking for an average day at the beach or a trip to a beach that has features and attractions like every other beach will be in for a big surprise should they venture to Venice Beach during their trip to Los Angeles.

The wide sandy beaches of Venice Beach are famous with both locals and tourists who frequent the area on a regular basis. The water is typical of all Southern California water, not prohibitively cold but not as warm as tropical locations either. The beach area is perfect for sun bathing, playing games and picnicking. The water is not only a popular place for swimming, but the Venice Breakwater is known throughout the surfing community as one of the better Southern California surfing locations.

While the beach is one of the highlights of a visit to Venice Beach, it is not the only attraction. There are a number of great things for visitors to the area to see and experience. One of the more popular activities away from the sand is walking on the boardwalk that runs through the area. The people watching possibilities at Venice Beach are almost endless. Lining the boardwalk is a fine selection of street vendors offering everything from t-shirts and hats to interesting handmade crafts. Along the boardwalk is also where visitors to the area will find street performers doing demonstrations of things like chainsaw juggling, dancing, and acrobatics. There are also a number of eating and shopping opportunities in the immediate vicinity of the beach.

A section of Venice Beach is set aside as an exercise area and referred to as Muscle Beach. This area is fenced in and has a good deal of weightlifting equipment and other exercise related items. There are also a number of exercise, workout and nutrition businesses in the area. Over the years, this public workout area has played host to many famous people including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Another popular attraction at Venice Beach are the many outdoor recreational activities that can be participated in there. From the basketball courts, to the beach volleyball courts, handball courts and more, there are plenty of activities that everyone can take part in. There is also a skate dancing plaza, paddle tennis courts and a bike trail located right there at the beach.

A visit to Venice Beach is a great way to have a unique and unforgettable experience while in the Los Angeles area. Those heading to the beach though should be prepared to spend the better part of the day there as between the activities on the boardwalk and the fun in the surf and sand, Venice Beach is an easy place to get to but a hard place to leave. The strength of Venice Beach is the wide variety of things to do. It has a natural appeal to basically anyone, because everyone can find something they like there. A trip out to Venice Beach is the perfect accent to any visit to Los Angeles.

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