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Vacationing In Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach, Virginia is a popular vacation destination, not only because it has something for everyone, but because of its location. Vacationers traveling from areas in and around Virginia and its surrounding states can drive to Virginia Beach within four to seven hours, while others may have slightly longer drives.

If vacationers decide to fly, the airport at Norfolk, VA, offers convenient shuttle flight service directly to Virginia Beach. So, getting there is no problem.

Virginia Beach cannot be “pigeonholed” as a particular type of destination (i.e., “party” beach, “family” beach, “senior citizen” destination, etc.) because EVERYONE who comes to Virginia Beach will find something to do. Singles and/or childless couples can enjoy a varied nightlife, while families will find a multitude of “kid-friendly” attractions.

Virginia BeachFamilies with young children will be able to stay in motels or hotels that provide “kiddie” pools and other amenities for smaller children, and will usually be located within walking distance of family-friendly restaurants. Older children can take advantage of the an amusement park, numerous miniature golf courses, and other activities. Teens will find activities that are designed with their interests in mind, but are fun and safe for everyone.

And, of course, there’s the beach. Virginia Beach prides itself on the cleanliness of its beach areas, and offers enough water sports and activities to keep even the most active person busy for an entire day.

Lodging accommodations are plentiful, and vary in price depending on location. Hotels and motels that are on or very near the beach will, of course, be more expensive, while those that are located “off the beaten path” so to speak will be more economical. A little research will lead one to accommodations that fit any budget.

Anyone choosing Virginia Beach as a vacation destination will not be disappointed. Remember that Virginia and Virginia Beach is still in the South, and “Southern hospitality” still reigns.

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