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Visiting Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

One of the most recognizable beaches is beautiful Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. One can probably not even think about Hawaii without Waikiki Beach coming to mind for a fabulous beach vacation.

Waikiki Beach certainly has its share of 5-star hotels and popular nightspots. But, with a little planning, a family can enjoy Waikiki Beach and its many attractions and amenities, also.

Hotels do tend to fill up, especially during peak tourist season, so booking early is essential in order to get the best rates. Hawaii’s weather, however, makes it easy to vacation at practically any time of the year, so it might be possible to catch some spectacular deals during the “off-season” (if there such a thing).

WaikikiAir fares might be cheaper during this time, too. All it takes to find out is a little research.

Although Hawaiian beaches are known for their surfer-challenging waves, the waves along Waikiki Beach offer opportunities for beginning and intermediate surfers to hone their skills. Pro surfers, however, will find plenty of excitement.

Some of the other water sports are swimming (of course), kayaking, and outrigger canoing Imagine doing all that in Hawaii, on the Pacific Ocean.

Anyone who is old enough to remember the TV show “Hawaii 5-0” can remember the scene in the closing credits of Hawaiian men paddling a long, rather odd-shaped boat. That is a catamaran, and tourists can actually ride in one of those boats to the famous Diamond Head volcano.

Waikiki Beach does offer other attractions that are not beach-oriented, should one want a change of pace. (But, why would one?)

And, of course, no good beach vacation is complete without a wide range of restaurants offering every conceivable kind of cuisine to choose from. Waikiki Beach is definitely no exception in this area.

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